Our mission is to create a home-like “catmosphere” for cats whom otherwise are shy, reserved, and often overlooked in shelter and adoption event settings. I started this concept because I wanted to be surrounded by what makes me most happy: art, music, and animals. My husband and I have always dreamed about opening our own art gallery and record store. I also longed to one day open my own animal rescue since I started volunteering with my local shelter in 2007. How sweet is it that we can combine all those things that we love and share it with you?! For every admission to our cat cafe we provide unlimited self-serve coffee, free Wi-Fi, shared workspace, access to our vintage shop, and of course, plenty of cats for you to play with!

At Catfe Diem our specialty is featuring cats that are having difficulty finding their furever home in shelter and rescue settings. That means we focus heavily on senior cats, special needs cats, black cats, and cats that missed out on being adopted at a young age, also known as “lost kittens.” These cats tend to have a more difficult time finding a home as they are considered “less desirable” by potential adopters. But here at Catfe Diem they are given the spotlight and have an opportunity to shine! We know that kittens will always be adopted quickly and have no trouble finding adopters, which is why all cats in our cat space are over the age of 10 months.

Our cat space provides a cozy and welcoming environment where patrons can come and interact with adoptable cats providing them with socialization and exposure. It is here where our customers can engage with the cats and get to know them in a comfortable environment. This in turn also provides more likelihood for adoption for cats in need of a good home.

We've teamed up with Paws for Seniors, a Bealton, VA based 501(c)3 nonprofit rescue organization which specializes in placing senior pets into their forever homes, to provide adoptable cats for our space. In addition to serving as a shared work space (with furry companions) and a self-serve coffee bar, Catfe Diem will also offer its patrons access to a highly curated selection of vinyl records, vintage items, original artwork, as well as Catfe Diem themed merchandise.